DStv Delicious Festival Engen Experience Competition - Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) carefully. The Terms set out below apply to all participants entering the DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival Engen Experience Competition (“the Competition”) conducted by Engen Petroleum Limited ("the Promoter"). If you do not agree to be bound by any or all of these Terms, then please refrain from entering the Competition. Instructions on how to enter the Competition including all prizes form part of the Terms. Participation in the Competition is deemed acceptance of the Terms.. Entries not complying with any of the Terms will be invalid and be of no force and effect.


  1. Eligible Contestants: The Competition is open to South African permanent residents or South African citizens over the age of 18 (“Eligible Contestants”)., except for Excluded Contestants This Competition will only take place in the Republic of South Africa.
  2. Excluded Contestants: The Competition is not open to directors, members, business partners, employees of the Promoter or its sales agents, advertising agency staff, advisors, consultants, associated companies, or a supplier of goods or services in connection with the Competition and the immediate family members of aforesaid persons (including, but not limited to, spouse, life partners, parents, children, brothers and sisters) and any other person who is controlled directly or indirectly by Engen, as well as the associated companies of entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph, including holding companies and subsidiaries, their employees, agents, subsidiaries and consultants. The Competition is also not open to service station operators, staff and their immediate families. The individuals listed in this paragraph will be referred to as (“Excluded Contestants”) in these Terms.
  3. Duration: The Competition will commence on Wednesday, 11 September 2019 at 07H00 AMand will end on Wednesday, 17 September 2019 at 12:00pm (“Duration”).
  4. Entries outside of Duration: Any entries received outside of the official Competition Duration will be deemed invalid, will be disqualified automatically and will not be considered.
    1. Entry Mechanism Facebook: In order to enter the Competition, an Eligible Contestant must: “Tag your plus-1 below and stand a chance to WIN 2 tickets to the ultimate entertainment and culinary experience. T's and C's apply. #DStvDelicious
    2. Entry Mechanism Twitter: In order to enter the Competition, an Eligible Contestant must: “Retweet to stand a chance to WIN 2 tickets to the ultimate entertainment and culinary experience. T's and C's apply. #DStvDelicious
    Number of entries: Eligible contestants are allowed to enter as many times as they like, but are only eligible to win once for the Duration of the Competition.
  5. Prize: 25 double tickets on Facebook and 25 double tickets on Twitter (General Access Double Tickets to the DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival for you and a partner excluding cost of flights, meals and accommodation.
  6. Selection of Winner: A winner (“Winner” or “Winners”) -
    1. will be selected from the pool of valid entries of Eligible contestants;
    2. will be randomly selected by means of an electronic random draw which will be overseen by an independent accountant, registered auditor, attorney or advocate in accordance with applicable legislation;
    3. the draws will take into consideration all entries received on the day on which the last draw was conducted up until the day before the next draw; and
    4. A potential prize Winner is not an actual Winner until his / her status as an Eligible Contestant is confirmed and their entry submission is validated.
  7. Contacting Winner: Winners will be contacted on the cell phone number and/or social media page used to enter the Competition.
    1. Three attempts will be made to contact each potential Winner. Should they not be reachable, the Prize will automatically go to the next name drawn; and
    2. This will continue until all Winners are determined.
  8. Identification of Winner: Eligible Contestants who win a Prize must, at the time of collection of a prize -
    1. identify themselves when collecting their prize with a valid identity document, driver’s license or passport;
    2. provide proof of purchase; and
    3. also comply with any additional validation procedure required to claim a prize (e.g. providing proof that they reside in South Africa if the Competition is restricted to South African residents).
  9. Publication of Winner(s): Eligible Contestants that are selected as Winners consent to having their names and the prizes that they won, announced on radio, published in national or regional newspapers or published on one or more of the Promoter’s social media platforms including its:
    1. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page;
    2. Engen Petroleum Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages;
    3. Website: www.engenoil.co.za; and
    4. on radio.
  10. Further Participation by Winner: The Promoter may, after a winner has been publicly announced, request that such Winner agree in writing or otherwise to endorse, promote and advertise the goods or services of the Promoter, at no cost or expense to the Winner. The Winner may also be required to take part in publicity campaigns for broadcasting or publishing purposes but will be requested to consent to having their photograph taken for all press releases and/or social media. All Winners have the right to decline such a request.
  11. Winner’s Photograph: The Winner may be requested to consent to having their photograph taken for all press releases and/or social media. As a winner, you have the right to decline such a request.
  12. Forfeiture of Prize: If a prize has not been claimed or collected after a 72 hours of it being allocated to a Winner or no reasonable effort is made on the part of the Winner to claim the prize, then the Prize will be forfeited and will be allocated to a new Eligible Contestant that is selected in accordance with the provisions of these Terms. The Promoter and its promotional and advertising agents, merchandisers and organisers shall not be responsible for any decline of acceptance of prizes for any reason.
  13. Indemnification: All Eligible Contestants and Winners, indemnify the Promoter, its directors, employees, contractors, advertising agencies, advisors, suppliers and agents against any risks, loss, claims or ownership arising from -
    1. the use or disposal of the prize including, but not limited to, accident, injury, harm, or loss;
    2. their participation in the Competition, including any costs associated with such participation;
    3. any subsequent transfer or exchange of the Prize; and/or
    4. any lawful cancellation or termination of the Competition or the correction of any errors or omissions within the Duration of the Competition.
  14. Limitation of Liability: The Promotor shall not be liable or responsible if it is delayed or unable to perform one of its obligations in terms of this Competition for reasons including but not limited to stock unavailability, strike, lock out, destruction of a prize on route by any means, any civil commotion or disorder, riot, threat of war, any action taken by governmental authority or public authority of any kind, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earth quake or other acts of God.
  15. No contesting Promotor’s Decisions: The Promoter’s decisions on all issues regarding this Competition will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into. The Promoter also reserves the right, to the extent allowed by the law, to -
  16. Use of Personal Information: By entering this Competition, each person authorises the Promoter or a person duly appointed by the Promoter to collect, store and use their personal information as an entry mechanism, for communication, announcements of winner’s names, statistical purposes and for marketing. The personal information collected will be stored by the Promoter after conclusion of the Competition for such period and to the extent permitted by law. Entrants can get in touch with the Promoter and request, free of charge, to have their details deleted or altered by the Promoter. For further information, please refer to the Promoter’s Privacy Policy which can be found at http://www.engen.co.za/privacy-policy
  17. No co-sponsors: The owners/proprietors of the brand(s) associated with the prizes are in no way affiliated with the Competition and are not sponsors of this Competition.
  18. Applicable law and jurisdiction: These Terms and any dispute arising from the Competition will be governed by South African law.
  19. Contact Us: For any queries, do contact the Promoter’s Customer Service Centre on 086 003 6436 during operating hours: Monday - Friday, 07:00 - 17:00, excluding Public Holidays.